FelineCurly Selkirk Rex


~~ Current Queens ~~

Dramatails Labyrinth of FelineCurly

GRC Dramatails American Pie x RW SGC Dramatails I Am Legend 
Black tortie and white, curly Selkirk Rex
DOB: 04/30/15

Dramatails Gidget of FelineCurly

RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby x RW OS SGC LaMancha Kokomo of MakinWaves
Lilac Tortie with White
DOB: 10/03/16

Dramatails Charade of FelineCurly

Hibla of Cheshirelady x DGC Curly Kombo of Pearl Falcons
Black Shaded Torbie with White
DOB: 10/03/16

Susens Blue Bayou of FelineCurly

RW GRC MakinWaves Ultra Violet of Susens x RW SGC Kitti Kat Angus Macpheline
Blue Tortie
DOB: 01/15/19

Dramatails Tootsie of FelineCurly
Wasillia Lil Zesty of Dramatails x QGC CurlyFlats Domino of FelineCurly
Black Tortie with White
DOB: 04/20/20

FelineCurly Lobster Bisque
Dramatails Gidget of FelineCurly x CH Dramatica Show Me The Money
Chocolate Torbie with White
DOB: 09/30/20

~~ Retired ~~

The one that started it all!!

RW BW SGCA Dramatails American Beauty “Booty”


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